Hello World!

Every programmer starts with a Hello World.  Apparently every blogger does as well.  This site will be fairly bare bones for a little while as there is just a little over half an hour before Ludum Dare 39 begins.

This will be my third time participating in Ludum Dare.  My first run was back in December 2016 and resulted in the creation of the game posted here: https://pacificyost.itch.io/wizard-of-the-tech-room

My second time did not go well and I ended up deciding to spend the time I was going to allocate to it towards a course on blender instead.  The code I did create can be found at https://github.com/pacificyost/LD38

I also participated in Global Game Jam in January 2017 working with 5 others and we created this game: http://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/photon-fighter with the long-term github located at https://github.com/Photon-Fighter/Photon-Fighter

I am hoping to be able to make something playable in the browser this time and break away from the twin stick shooter format that I have done for my first two game jams.